Invicta Onsen Wood Burning Fireplace


Our most affordable slow combustion stove yet, the Invicta Onsen lets you bask in beautiful warmth while enjoying the flames from any angle, thanks to its distinctive three-pane firebox. Offering one of the lowest emissions scores in Australia, Onsen is a superbly efficient and understatedly handsome addition to any home.

Key Features

  •  Ecodesign 2022 compliant
  •  81% efficiency
  •  Built-in wood storage
  •  Post-combustion technology
  •  Made in France
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Onsen lights the way to a less resource-intensive future for home fireplaces, with full Ecodesign compliance – an EU-led initiative requiring all solid fuel stoves to meet strict emissions criteria and offer at least 80% efficiency from 2022 forward.