Maxiheat Prime 150 Freestanding Wood Burning Fireplace


The Maxiheat Prime 150 is a radiant style of heater. This means it allows the heat to flow directly from the firebox making it perfect for open spaces. 

  • Up to 150m2 capacity.
  • 6mm steel firebox. 
  • Radiant heater.
  • Perfect for open spaces. 


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Heating Type Freestanding Wood Heater
Heating Style Radiant
Height (mm) 649mm
Depth (mm) 549mm
Width (mm) 595mm
Overnight Burn Time Up to 6 hrs
Rear Wall Clearance 350mm
Hearth Clearance 385mm
Corner Clearance 475mm
Side Wall Clearance 700mm
Firebox Warranty 5 Years

Hearth clearance Dimensions

Clearance Hearth Min. Dimensions Rear to
Center Flue
Rear Wall Side Wall Corner Hearth Front Width Depth
350mm 700mm 475mm 385mm 595mm 549mm ...