Jetmaster Quadra Fire 3100 Millenium Freestanding Wood Burning Fireplace


The 3100 millenium wood stove is designed to deliver powerful performance. The durable construction features a fully welded, brick lined firebox with thick-plate steel and heavy-duty hinges. Combined with Quadra Fire's exclusive Automatic Combustion Control Technology, precision airflow management is delivered for longer, cleaner and more efficient burns.

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  • High efficiency of 71% which means less trips to the wood pile
  • An impressive average emission of 1.4gms/kg – the Australian standard is 4gms/kg
  • Heating capacity of up to 250 square meters
  • 2.0 cu. ft. firebox capacity / recommended 16″ log length
  • Up to 10 hours of burn time from each load of wood(overnight)
  • Weight 147 KG