Austroflamm Clou Xtra Wood Burning Fireplace


The Clou Xtra by Austroflamm combines proven heat storage technology with exceptional design. Xtra technology guarantees you more hours of heat storage without the need for refi lling. The large fi rebox of approx. 390mm (h) x 432 mm (w) x 245 mm (d) is closed off by an equally large fi re door, the main feature being the round design. This allows you to look at the fi re as through a porthole. The interior lining of the combustion chamber is made of special ceramic clay that creates a special relationship between thermal insulation and thermal output. The result—a design quickly creating high combustion chamber temperatures

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Heats up to 10- 15m2
Efficiency 62%
Emissions 1.1g/kg
Flue diameter 150mm

Large fire door

Round design

Ceramic clay to create a relationship between thermal insulation and thermal output.

kW Output  4 min-11max kw
Hearth dimensions

Thickness: 18mm

Width: 890mm

Depth: 1115mm

Weight 295kg
Optional Extras


Zero clearance No

Height: 1296mm 
Width: 634mm
Depth: 455mm

Note N/A