Ecosmart Ethanol Fireplace Insert 1700SS


One of the largest models in EcoSmart’s firebox insert range, the 1700SS model is a stunning piece of fireplace furniture for large-scale residential and commercial spaces. Powered by two, seven-litre XL700 ethanol burners, the single-sided design doesn’t need a chimney to vent harmful gases as burning Liquid bioethanol is free from soot and smoke.

Simply insert this zero clearance firebox into a lined building frame then dress around with your chosen finish.

  • Colours: Stainless Steel or Black
  • Fuel: Bioethanol

Fireplace Delivery Charge Extra: $600

Full RRP inc Delivery: $10595

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  • Friendly Fire: Include the element of fire in indoor or outdoor rooms without the need for costly gas lines or cumbersome utility connections.
  • Deep Drawn Design: Ethanol burners are fabricated through a deep-drawn process which eliminates the potential for dangerous leaks.
  • Fuel Efficient Feature: Purpose-built baffle inserts allow you to regulate and stabilise the flame while simultaneously increasing fuel efficiency.
  • Carbon Neutral: The Firebox 1700SS burns readily available, environmentally friendly e-NRG bioethanol, which is a carbon neutral fuel source.
  • Static Windscreen: A flat panel of toughened glass protects the flame from internal draughts without obstructing the view of the flame.
  • Interior Design Inspiration: More than a simple heating source, EcoSmart Fireboxes provide endless interior design inspiration to homeowners, architects and builders.