Ecosmart Ethanol Fireplace Insert 1500SS


Single-sided firebox fuelled by the XL1200 burner, the longest of our linear burners, along with a windscreen that appears to float in front of the flame. The open space of the firebox puts the fire front and center and instantly make it the focus of the space.

Installation options range from more traditional residential applications like living or dining rooms, to outdoor space like patios or decks. The Firebox 1500SS’s clean design will also fit in with commercial installations such as restaurants, bars, and hotel lobbies.

  • Colours: Stainless Steel
  • Fuel: Bioethanol

Fireplace Delivery Charge Extra: $500

Full RRP inc Delivery: $8495

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  • Friendly Fire: Include the element of fire in indoor or outdoor rooms without the need for costly gas lines or cumbersome utility connections.
  • Deep Drawn Design: Ethanol burners are fabricated through a deep-drawn process which eliminates the potential for dangerous leaks.
  • Fuel Efficient Feature: Purpose-built baffle inserts allow you to regulate and stabilise the flame while simultaneously increasing fuel efficiency.
  • Carbon Neutral: The Firebox 1500SS burns readily available, environmentally friendly e-NRG bioethanol, which is a carbon neutral fuel source.
  • Static Windscreen: A flat panel of toughened glass protects the flame from internal draughts without obstructing the view of the flame.
  • Interior Design Inspiration: More than a simple heating source, EcoSmart Fireboxes provide endless interior design inspiration to homeowners, architects and builders.