Ecosmart Burner Insert XL900

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Sophistication, elegance, cutting-edge performance and functionality define the new XL Burner, which has been developed in response to overwhelming demand. A popular trend amongst designers and architects has been to join several Ecosmart Fire burners in line to form an elongated flame, creating a stunning centerpiece for use in both residential and commercial premises.

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The XL Burner includes baffles (for fuel efficiency), drafters (for flame stability), smart filling point, and a new design shut-off mechanism (hinged plate adjustment rather than sliding mechanism). As with all Ecosmart Fire products, safety aspects have been thoroughly considered and implemented.

Then this is the option for you. The Ecosmart Burner XL can be set into almost any non-combustible material; stainless-steel, concrete, brick, or stone just to name a few.

Ecosmart uses environmentally friendly, Denatured Ethanol (eg methylated spirits) as its fuel source. Ethanol is a renewable resource and can be refined from flora such as potatos or sugar cane. Ethanol will even burn cleanly with carbon dioxide and water the primary by-products. Because there arent any dangerous gasses released, Ecosmart Burners can be used indoors without fluing or permanently open vents.

The flame hight in the Ecosmart burner can be easily adjusted, using the lighting rod to partially close the shutter.

The Ecosmart fires look amazing, but it is not purely ascetic. The unit will heat 25 sq metres (on average) and will continue burning for up to 12.5 hours.

The kit also includes:

Installation, Operational and Maintenance Manual

Lighting Rod

Refillable Lighter

NoSpill Jerry Can with Spill Proof Spout (4.75L)

A second skin to capture accidental spills


H 123 x W 888 x D 173


Firebox W 1100 x D 500 Overhead 500 Rear 40 Front 50

Without a firebox Overhead 1500 Rear 40 Front 65 Side 600

(All measurements in mm)

It is strongly recommended that you obtain either a Class B, or a multipurpose Class ABE, fire extinguisher with the purchase of any ethanol fireplace.