Bordelet Eva 992 Suspended Wood Fireplace

e beautifully hand crafted technique involved in creating a hanging wood fire like the Bordelet Eva 992 suspended fireplace comes through years of artisan engineering and a dedicated pursuit for fireplace excellence. The largest in the range, the Bordelet Eva 992 hanging fire is designed to captivate and excite any audience, with its playful 360 degree viewing area and high quality finishing. It is sure to be a grand statement piece in any living space or commercial application. Read more


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  • 4mm thick steel, hand shaped and spun


  • Fire grate and ash pan

Hearth dimension:

  • minimum 1770mm diameter x 40mm thick

Flue dimensions:

  • 256mm, 315mm, 365,

Clearance to combustibles:

  • 750mm*


  • 200kg

Standard colours:

  • Anthracite grey or intense matte black. *Additional colours available upon request.

Optional firebricks:

  • Choice of black, yellow or no firebricks around grate