Cleanair Large Freestanding Console Wood Burning Fireplace


The powerful Large Freestanding Clean Air wood heater is designed for the most spacious of Australian homes, heating up to 350m². Like all Clean Air Wood Heaters it offers superior performance, efficient use of firewood, making it the ideal choice for heating the whole house on a cold winter’s night.

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Coverage Heats up to 350m2
Emissions 0.76g/kg
Efficiency  70%
Heat Output 19.2kW
Burn Time Up to 10 hours
Construction 6mm
Fire Box Size 6mm steel firebox
Max Log Size 420mm
Heating Type Freestanding Wood Heater
Heating Capacity Output 14.7kW
Heating Style Convection
Width (mm) 859mm
Firebox Warranty 15 Years
Overnight Burn Time Up to 12 hours
Warranty Other 12 Months
Recommended Flue Kit Maxiheat Default Decromesh Flue Kit
Fan Includes 3 Speed Remote Fan
Rear Of Heater To Flue Centre (mm) 240mm
Flue Diameter 6 Inch
Rear Wall Clearance 250mm
Hearth Clearance 450mm
Corner Clearance 225mm
Side Wall Clearance 650mm
Firebox Material Skamolex
Depth (mm) 700mm
Height (mm) 915mm
Area Size Indoor Large
Fuel Hardwood

Hearth clearance Dimensions

Clearance Hearth Min. Dimensions Rear to
Center Flue
Rear Wall Side Wall Corner Hearth Front Width Depth
150mm 350mm 50mm 450mm 1040mm 1090mm 230mm