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Our History

Mid 1990's John(far left), Richard, Sue, Max, Natalie and Patrick

Burning log fireplaces was incorporated in the ACT in 1976 and was part of an Australian-owned company that manufactured and retailed the Turbo 10, Spinafire and St Moritz range of wood fireplaces. The company was successful on the back of its revolutionary

In 1986 the company decided to restructure and sold off its retail network as individual stores. In October of that year Mr John Carey, who was managing the Canberra store at the time, decided to buy the Canberra operation and shortly after, in 1987, John brought his son Patrick into the company.

Following a down turn in the wood heating industry, Patrick impressed on his father the need for diversification. From this discussion, Burning Log introduced their Outdoor Furniture and BBQ range.

During the 1990’s the company began a campaign focusing on three key areas – Quality, branded products, value pricing and quality staff. This strategy, which is still present today, introduced such brands as Weber, Beefeater, Heat n Glo, Jetmaster, Coonara, Eureka and Shelta to name a few and established a culture of highly knowledgeable and caring staff.

In 2000, following an illness, John Carey retired from the day to day management of the company. John still managed to oversee the operations of the company by providing both support and advice. John unfortunately succumbed to his illness and passed away in May of 2001. Motivated to continue the legacy of his father, Patrick took the helm of the company.

In Patricks words, “The year 2001 was pivotal year for the company in many ways. We found it very difficult to offer value in our Outdoor Furniture range as the local wholesalers had very tight control over the limited range of products that were coming into Australia. We also had to contend with high prices, poor quality and rather questionable colour choices.

It was a tough time to be retailing outdoor furniture so we went direct to the manufacturers in Asia and came up with some great designs and colours to suit the tastes of our Canberra’s consumers. From this point forward, we have never looked back!”

The new range of furniture needed to be show-cased and promoted in-situ so as to provide inspiration, and in 2003 Patrick and his wife, Natalie, made the commitment to invest in a new outdoor showroom to showcase some of their new designs in outdoor furniture. Completed in 2004, this showroom quickly became the talk of the town as it showed how you could set up your outdoor room complete with flat-screen TV, outdoor heating, water features, an outdoor kitchen and, of course, the outdoor setting.

The Complete Garden Canberra:

In 2005 Patrick and Natalie opened The Complete Garden Canberra in the building adjoining their current Burning Log Megastore. This store show-cased a new range of Tuscan-inspired water features, outdoor furniture and giftware not seen before in Canberra.

Outdoor Elegance:

In 2008 Patrick had the opportunity to rekindle a business relationship with Joe Collins, who was one of the former owners of the Great Outdoors group in NSW. Joe, along with his former business partner, was with Patrick in the early years of forging business relationships in Asia.

Patrick and Joe developed a new business model to be able to serve the astute Sydney consumer with top end Outdoor furniture at affordable prices.

In September 2008, Outdoor Elegance Sydney was born - a boutique outdoor furniture business built around quality, comfort, customising and special orders, and, given the tradition of Burning Log Megastore before it, great customer service.

Royalle Outdoor Furniture Direct:

Another pivotal moment occurred in 2010 when Burning Log Megastore’s then General Manager, Jason Sands, saw Outdoor Elegance Sydney out-performing all expectations. Seeing this, and a spike in online interest from the Melbourne area for Burning Log’s range of products, Jason proposed a new store in Melbourne. Online was to be the focus, along with quality product at affordable prices backed by great customer service.

In May 2011 Patrick and Jason started Royalle Outdoor Furniture Direct in the Melbourne suburb of Braeside.

In the mean-time, The Complete Garden Canberra had grown into the largest store of the 35 strong Australian group and in August 2011 the Canberra store was sold and relocated to DFO in Fyshwick.

Burning Log Megastore has grown substantially, going from a 300 sqm showroom in 1986 to over 1000 sqm of showroom along with warehouse facilities of over 1200 sqm. In 2013 the company also acquired premises that now house the new, state-of-the-art Administration Office.

The company has been able to display and supply some of Australia's leading heating, BBQ and outdoor furniture to the Canberra public without the usual delays experienced by some of Canberra’s other big retailers. Burning Log Megastore is now a truly trusted powerhouse on the Canberra retail scene.

The store is located on the corner of Wollongong and Maryborough Streets in Fyshwick ACT in the very building where its humble journey began 28 years ago and from where it still proudly operates today.